Cut-out Quote Prints


If you have an X-Acto knife and something on your mind, this project is for you. It’s open for interpretation in every way–color, style, quote, etc. I decided to try this after seeing this image on Pinterest (via and deciding that not even my nimble little crafty fingers would be capable of such a feat with just a swivel-headed X-Acto knife. There’s challenging yourself, and then there’s setting yourself up for failure. Not that I can’t laugh at my own mistakes, of course. My first attempt at this cut-out quote has script lettering. I had my method all worked out; I wrote out the quote in a thick marker and outlined the script in pencil so I could see the cutting line better. I got halfway through and was left with this mess:

The moral of my story, I guess, is that cutting with a craft knife is hard, and until you’re a seasoned pro, block letters are your friend. Anyway, here’s how to make a successful cut-out quote:

What you need:
– card stock (various colors)
– X-Acto knife & self-healing mat
– pencil
– scissors
– paper cutter
– ruler
– tape

What to do:
1) Using a pencil, draw out the quote you wish to use in block letters on the paper you wish to be your primary color. (Use the ruler to keep your words straight–if that’s what you’re aiming for.)
2) Use your X-Acto knife to cut out your words.
3) Use your paper cutter to make 1″ wide strips of various colored paper for the blocked-out letters. Make sure the strips are long enough to span the width of your primary paper.
4) Flip your primary paper over and lay out your colored strips however you want your pattern to go. I used horizontal stripes in an orange-yellow-pink-purple pattern.
5) Tape each side of your strips to the back of your primary paper. (See image below.)
6) Flip your print over and voila!
7) You can use some of your scraps to create the counters in letters. (“Counters” are the little holes inside letters like p, e, a, etc. You’re welcome.)

I’d be lying if I said the cutting weren’t tedious, but it’s worth it in the end!
Happy cutting!