Paper Foxes


Alternate post title: “Fold-a-fox!” But I decided that was too lame, even for me.
Anyway, these paper creatures are simple, adorable, and best of all appropriate if your college mascot happens to be, say, the Marist red foxes. Ok, so I’m pulling from experience with this one, and in honor of Marist’s Fox Fest yesterday, I folded up one of these foxes.

What you need:
– red, white, and black paper (I used card stock, but that weight of paper isn’t necessary.)
– scissors (and paper cutter, if you have one)
– clear tape
– glue stick

What to do:
1) Cut a red strip of paper, about 2″ wide, 2 white semi-ovals, and three small black dots (2 of them identical) as pictured above.
2) Fold both ends of the red strip of paper in and up so that the two sides of the bottom half meet in the middle. (See image below)
3) Trim the top of the shape to about 1/2″.
4) Turn the shape over and seal the open seam with a piece of clear tape.
5) Glue white shapes and black circles onto red paper as shown below.
6) Starting from each upper corner, trim the fox’s ears by cutting diagonally into the center where the ear meets the head.
7) Make a celebratory fox scream, you’re done!


About Brenna McKinley

I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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