Mention Monday: Waffle Flower Papercrafts

waffle flower

So, I’ve found my new card-making idol. I’m looking at you, Nina Yang. I’ve always considered myself an amateur paper crafter when it comes to cardmaking–basically meaning that my supply list when it comes to making cards doesn’t extend much further than cardstock, glue, and silver Sharpie. I know I could step it up a level if I had a Cricut machine, but I’ve always been more of a hand-cutter, and the biggest improvement I’ve made in that department was last year when I bought a swivel-head X-acto knife and self-healing cutting mat (a strongly-recommended life decision).

Waffle Flower paper crafts is (in my non-professional opinion) the pinnacle of handmade cards and other paper crafts. Scrolling through, there’s not a single project that I’m not impressed with. The wanderluster in me is particularly impressed by this Wish You Were Here card:


There’s more than just perfect cards on the site, though. There’s links to free pattern downloads, free templates (like these cool paper bow ties), and instructional tutorials (like these twist open photo boxes).

Even if you don’t have all the tools or technical skills to recreate any of these cards or paper crafts, this is a great place to go for inspiration, especially if you’re someone like me who has trouble with coming up with card sentiments.

Happy paper crafting!


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