Tried It. Loved It. Print Your Own Post-it Notes

Flash back to Mid-March and you may remember that I mentioned the DIY blog How About Orange and their original template for printing your own Post-its. Well, this little project was too cool to ignore, so I tried it and now I’m here to rave about the results. IMG_0734

If you have a few Post-its and a printer loaded with paper, you’ve got everything you need for this simple but unique project.

What you need:
– 6 Post-it notes (any color)
– Printer with black ink
– Printer paper
– Pen/pencil/marker/anything that writes

What to do:
1. Visit How About Orange and download the free template from this page. Print out one copy.
2. Stick one Post-it on each of the 6 squares on the template page. Make sure to press down hard on the adhesive so they’re stuck tight, and make sure they’re lying as flat on the page as possible.
3. Load the Post-it covered template page back into your printer so that the page will print with ink on the Post-its. *Each printer is different, so make sure you know which way to load your paper to print on the right side. For most printers, your Post-it side of the page will be facing down.
4. Print another copy of the template. If you loaded your paper correctly, the template should print onto your Post-its.
5. Write your custom message on your printed Post-its and share the love!

When I tried this craft, I avoided a paper jam, but occasionally the bottom corners of my Post-its would bend up and get a little stuck in the printer. Nothing serious, though; just make sure you keep an eye on the page as it’s printing to avoid a jam.

Happy posting!


About Brenna McKinley

I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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