Mention Monday: La Photocabine


Ever been to a wedding or a birthday party where they bring in an instant-print photo booth? Even with all of the cell phone/camera technology there is today, nothing says classic like that fresh little Polaroid strip you hold in your grasp following 30 seconds of awkward posing. Photo booth strips make much cooler wall decor than your standard point and click results, which is why La Photocabine is just plain cool. La Photocabine is an online photo booth. Just click the curtain on the homepage to enter the booth, which is desgiend to look like a real vintage photo booth (very cute); then when you’re ready with 4 poses in mind, press the red button and you’ll have an instant-photo esque strip at your digital disposal.


As soon as the booth is finished snapping your photos, you’re presented with a digital photo strip, which you can arrange either in traditional vertical fashion, or a sort of 2-by-2 arrangement; you also have the choice of color or black and white photos. You can then save, print, send, upload, or copy the URL to your photo strip. If you have a high-quality printer and some glossy photo paper, you’ve got a perfect at-home photo booth strip. This would be adorable for holiday cards, scrapbooking, or any other number of random projects.

The site will automatically display in French, but there are little flags at the top left corner of the page that let you translate the commands into your native language. It only took me 25 minutes playing around with the page to figure that out, too…

As far as the origin of the site goes, from what I can tell, this is a sister site of Ledjam. There’s no English translation for that site, so my best educated guess is that Ledjam is a company that provides real-life photo booths for events, and La Photocabine is just a way for them to get their name out and advertise their product.

photocabine reelThis site is definitely a fun time-waster and it’s the perfect photo booth DIY.

Happy snapping!


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I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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