Paper Plate Gift Boxes


The next installment of makeshift gift-packaging begins now, with paper plate gift boxes! They don’t have tops, so they’re not ideal for transporting top secret materials. But if that’s really your aim, I’d go for something a little sturdier than paper plates anyway. But to stay on track, these are the perfect alternative to small Easter baskets; they’re perfect for gifting fresh berries, candies, or Easter eggs. They’re open for decorative interpretation, too.

I came across this project as an image on Pinterest, but when I clicked on it for step-by-step instructions, everything got really foreign really fast, and long story short I was left with just the photo stream for guidance. So I gave the project a go, and figured out a step-by-step set of instructions that should be very helpful if you’re planning to replicate it!

What you need:
– a paper plate
– scalloped scissors
– standard scissors
– 4 paper clips
– decorative tape
– ruler
– pencil
– ribbon (optional substitution for decorative tape)


What to do:
1. Cut about 1/4″ along the entire edge of the paper plate with scalloped scissors.
2. Turn the plate face down and using a ruler, find the line where the plate measures 7.5″ across. Trace the line in pencil.
3. Rotate the plate 90 degrees and repeat until there are 4 intersecting lines (forming a square in the middle). Mark an “x” on the correct lines as illustrated below.
4. Cut on the lines marked with an “x” with regular scissors.
5. Take one cut section and fold it upward, creasing it where the cut line ends. Fold up the adjacent section, and hold the corner in place with a paper clip.
6. Repeat until all 4 sides are folded upward and supported by paper clips.
7. Run a line of decorative tape along the outside of the box, removing the paper clips one at a time as you reach them. The tape will now hold the box’s shape.
8. Once the tape is adhered, pinch the corners of the box to sharpen the edges.

No decorative tape? No biggie. I did a second version of this project using clear Scotch tape and some satin ribbon.
IMG_0749Follow the instructions the same way, replacing decorative tape with clear tape; when you’re all done, tie a piece of ribbon around the outside of the box, and tie a bow in the front just as you would if you were tying a bow on a wrapped gift.

These gift boxes are super versatile and require so few materials that now there’s no excuse for gifting without some sort of wrapping effort. Unless of course you’re lacking opposable thumbs (looking at you, Easter bunny), then you have an excuse. Experiment with all the different decorative variations this project prompts, and happy Easter/Passover/Eastover.

Happy crafting!


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I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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