Mention Monday: Cut Out + Keep

cut out & keep

The coolest thing about is that, unlike most of the other sites I’ve featured, it is a crafting community with collaborative user-generated content. The main purpose is to make and share craft tutorials, and with over 150,000 site members, the quirkiness of some of the projects sees no end.

There are a bunch of different areas of the site–everything from project instructions and contests to the week’s featured “superstars” and even a free, online magazine, “Snippets” (Don’t get the pun? Refer back to the site name.)

But back to what really matters–the crafts. The project area of Cut Out + Keep takes a Pinterest-esque block format, with a lengthy sidebar of categories and subcategories to help you stay sane while browsing through the seemingly endless labyrinth of DIY projects.

cutout projects

Once you come across a project that catches your eye, be it the zombie baby doll (quirky may be an understatement here) or paper feathers, click on the thumbnail to be brought to a screen that gives you everything you could ever need to know about the project–images, time commitment, difficulty level, and step-by-step instructions.

by Tabby via

Never before have I thought to create a LOST shrinky dink Dharma Initiatve polar bear, nor would I if left only to my own devices; so if you’re looking to think outside the box and open your mind to some potentially weird but also awesome crafts, check out the craft community on Cut Out + Keep.

Happy crafting!


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