Mention Monday: CraftFail


Odds are, if you’ve ever attempted a craft you’ve seen on Pinterest, you’ve butchered a craft you’ve seen on Pinterest. Now there’s a home for your self-proclaimed failure on the Internet, where you can bask in the failures of fellow DIY-ers, get your daily giggles in, and feel a little bit better about yourself. Cue: CraftFail.

This site sports a Pinterest-inspired layout, featuring the original pinned photo as a link to the craft fail. In other words, you click on what was supposed to happen, then you get the side-by-side comparison of the intended craft and its failed attempt. You’ll look at some of them and think Hey, that’s not so bad, or Eh, the frosting on those cupcakes is messy but they probably still taste good. Then there’s crafts like this “Bombed Button Bowl” that leave you speechless:

via CraftFail

This site provides hours of entertainment and self-esteem. But don’t worry, all of the craft fails are self-submitted, so it’s not like these crafters are being punished by public humiliation for their miserable attempts at crafts. The site calls itself a “friendly fail site” It’s all in good fun.

Have a craft fail that you want to share with the world? You can easily submit your funniest fail and let the world laugh with you. There’s a comment section under each fail, and more often than not, people comment that they had the same not-so-successful result on a project. Failure loves company! (Or something like that.)

Happy craft-failing!


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I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

One response to “Mention Monday: CraftFail

  1. Thanks so much for the mention – we sure do have fun over there!

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