Mention Monday: How About Orange

how about orange

Today I’m paying homage to the super-colorful and crafty blog How About Orange. Between all of the DIY projects, free downloads of fonts, desktop backgrounds, and print templates, and my favorite section, time wasters, you could easily kill a few hours in one sitting clicking your way through the oodles of creative content on this blog.

How About Orange is the free-time side project of professional graphic and textile designer Jessica Jones, so a lot of the design aesthetic of the things featured on the blog is modern with a good deal of white space and color blocking. There’s tons and tons to explore on the site, so my advice is to start at the most recent post on the homepage and keep scrolling until you find something that catches your eye to click on (it shouldn’t take you long). Following a particular train of thought on this website is made easy as can be; at the bottom of each post there are 5 links to “Related posts you might like.”

related postsThe topic tags are clearly designed for like-minded people, because the posts I “might” like have been spot on. (Get out of my head!) Even the time-wasters lead to more time-wasters that I waste time wasting my time with. But seriously, play this color wheel game and tell me it’s not awesome in a nerdy, graphic designer-y kind of way. Warning: highly addictive.

Getting back on topic, the craft projects on How About Orange look fun and feasible. There are tons of printable templates to help you out, though for an extra challenge you could try to add your own twist to the projects. One I found most notable (no pun intended) is this template for printing your own Post-it notes:

via How About Orange

I already pinned this project to one of my Pinterest boards and I have every intention of trying it in the near future. No worries, my test results will certainly be posted here to make sure it’s worth the printer ink. (Did you know that printer ink actually costs more per mL than human blood? Ew.)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a crafty and colorful way to kill time and get inspired, check out How About Orange. Happy crafting!


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