The Easiest Way to Hang Frames

Speaking of neat tricks (despite poor Internet video quality), I found the secret to life on Pinterest. Well, it’s at least the equivalent to the secret of life if you’ve ever struggled to hang a picture frame or cork board on your wall using nails, tacks, or even Command strips. The first nail is a piece of cake. Just hold the object you’re trying to hang up to the wall, make a tiny pencil mark at the corner, and pin the wall at the mark. But then comes that awkward and terrifying moment when you’ve got to eyeball the distance between the two nails. The distance is too far for a foot-long ruler to cover, and you don’t have a measuring tape and level on hand. What now!?

This life hack will change your frame-hanging life forever. All you need is the object you’d like to hang, the means by which to hang it (hammer and nails, thumbtack, etc.) and some masking tape.


1.) Tear off a piece of masking tape that reaches from one desired hanging point to another.IMG_0626

2.) Remove the tape from the frame and stick it lightly to the wall at the spot where you want the frame to hang.IMG_0627

3. Insert one nail/push pin/Command strip into the wall at each end of the tape.IMG_0628

4.) Remove the tape from the wall, and hang your frame from the pins. They should be set the perfect distance apart!IMG_0629

Four incredibly easy steps and you’ve mastered the art of hanging level frames on the first try. Boom!

Happy hanging!


About Brenna McKinley

I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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