Mention Monday: A Beautiful Mess

a beautiful mess

Back in the day when A Beautiful Mess had a Blogspot domain address, it caught my attention because I thought it may be related to the Jason Mraz song of the same name. It kept my attention, though, with its DIY project section. The difficulty level of the projects range from as simple as a Sharpie mug set all the way up to a light-up headboard (which is really, really cool, by the way). There’s a ton of DIY fashion projects for the sewing-savvy too.

The site is organized into 6 basic sections, and covers tons of crafty ground: DIY projects, photography tips, recipes, home decor inspiration, fashion, and beauty tips and inspiration. It’s all well-organized and chock-full of pro-level photography to make every craft, recipe, and outfit appealing on first glance.

There’s a friendly, narrative style to the writing and flow, as well, which makes it hard not to feel like you’ve been longtime friends with Elsie and Emma, the two co-authors of the blog. As far as craft instruction goes, things couldn’t be much clearer, and the photography leaves little to the imagination (in the best way) in terms of how-to.

My suggestion for one of the easiest and cutest dorm-friendly projects to try is this framed paint swatch wall art (unsurprising considering my well-established affinity toward paint swatch crafts):

me too

Happy browsing & happy crafting!


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I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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