Mention Monday: Design Seeds

For those who love color… design-seeds_logo

Or those who just left the color palette lecture in their layout and design class and have polychromatic hues on the brain, like me, there is Design Seeds. Color lovers will love perusing this site for color palette ideas, design inspiration, or even just for a touch of thoughtfully-selected color to brighten up your day. is predominantly made up of a collection of images and their associated color palettes, which are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing strip beside the image. Each palette is given a cute but logical name for reference purposes (think nail polish color names, only less ridiculous and more purposeful). Next to each featured palette are a handful of links–to palettes of similar colors and various social media outlets by which you can Tweet, pin, share, blog, or send your favorites.

This screenshot gives you a good idea of what the site is all about:


But wait! If you’re still not impressed, or need to be a little more specific for design purposes, you can search palettes by color value or theme as well. Or, you can browse the Fresh Hues blog, which is more photo-heavy and totally credible, considering the designer’s lengthy resume of color design work.

Printing the palettes and chopping off the color panel side is also a viable alternative for using paint swatch cards, if you’re too far away from a Home Depot or other paint retailer to stock up on these nifty little color samples to use for any number of crafts (like my Valentine’s Day card, which you can check out here).

Another fun alternative to browsing the site is to check out the Design-Seeds Pinterest page, which gives you way more bang for your buck in terms of palettes-per-inch, and a more detailed way to browse palettes.

I leave you with one of my favorite palettes of the day:InkSpots600Happy hue hunting!


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I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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