Valentine’s DIY

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The most wonderful time of year for those with an affinity for hearts, like myself. Regardless of your actual feelings for the Hallmark holiday, there’s no question that the month of February presents itself with a pre-arranged color palate for seasonal crafts. If you’re like me, you don’t need an excuse to paint/draw/color/trace hearts onto practically every craft you make. (What can I say? They’re just a lovely shape.) If you’re lacking a heart obsession, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to practice making those pesky cheeky sides symmetrical.

As far as the whole Valentine aspect goes, people are spread all across the spectrum–there’s those of us boycotting the holiday by wearing black and having a girls’ night on the 14th, those of us painting our nails pink and keeping drawers stocked with tissue papers in pinks, whites, and reds; then there’s those of us caught in the middle between trying too hard and caring too little. And for you who are a part of the latter group, I present you with the perfect Valentine’s Day card. It’s simple, it’s crafty, and (best of all) it’s not pre-loaded with overly-sappy mush, printed in a red script font and Mod Podged over with glitter. Or worse, thoughtless and generic. (Think 500 Days of Summer-esque card writing.)

Whether you’re sending it to your mom, your significant other, or your cat, this card does the trick.

popup-card-final-x via All You magazine

What you need:

– 1 piece of cardstock (Black is a nice contrast color.)
– Multi-colored paint chips (Graduated reds/pinks are most festive.)
– Scissors
– Glue stick
– Needle and thread
– Ink pen

What to do:

1) Trim your paint swatches so there are no white edges or serial numbers visible.
2) Fold each swatch in half, trace half of a heart around the crease, and cut out the shape.
3) Thread the needle, tie the ends of the thread together in a double or triple knot, and thread through the top left hand corner of the card.
4) Thread on each of the hearts, lightest to darkest or vice versa. They will hang best if you thread the needle through the top corners of the hearts.
5) Thread the needle through the top right hand corner of the card, and knot the thread to secure it.
6) Use one of the cut-out swatches to glue to the front of the card for a simple cover.
7) Using a gel-ink pen, write your Valentine’s message on the inside of the card.


Voila! You’ve made a unique V-day card perfect for just about anyone.

If you happen to be a pro Valentine’s Day celebrator (a person bearing gifts that need wrapping), but lack the resources necessary to perfect your craft (wrapping paper), never fear. There’s no need to trek out to the supermarket or craft store just to pick up enough seasonal gift wrap to wrap a small gift or two. DIY time!

All you need is some printer paper, some clear tape, markers, and scissors to make your own perfectly good gift wrap. Measure the gift to see how many sheets of paper you’d need to cover it completely. If needed, use clear tape to attach two or more sheets until you reach the desired size. From here, the decoration’s up to you. You could be boring and keep your “gift wrap” clean white, or you could opt to be festive and deck your paper out in Sharpie hearts like I did. Once you’ve decorated, use the paper as you would any gift wrap and wrap your gift. If you feel like going one step above and beyond, use some of your paper scraps to draw a ribbon or bow; cut out the bow shape, and tape it right on to the front of the gift. It’s like the 2D version of all the thoughtfulness that comes with careful wrapping.


Now that I’ve exploited all of my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gifts onto the Internet… Happy crafting & happy wrapping!


About Brenna McKinley

I'm a two-time Marist College grad with degrees in Communications (BA) and Integrated Marketing Communication (MA).

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